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I know this is homophobic but I’m not really into astrology and I don’t get it

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Their attraction goes way beyond their looks. Hailey and Justin's bond is much deeper than meets the eye. Jakesastrology explains: "Hailey’s Libra Venus has really harmonious energy with Justin’s Mars in Aquarius —another air sign — which is a great indicator for compatibility. Justin’s sex appeal can be obviously appreciated by a ton of people, but for Hailey, the physical attraction is astronomical. Her Venus in Libra has a very 'idealized' vision of what she considers attractive, and with harmonious energy like this, it seems Justin fits the bill for her. He’s turned on and aroused by Hailey’s loving nature as well." 11. Hailey gets Justin in a way that few people really do. Justin's string of short-lived relationships could have a lot to do with the planets affecting how he expresses himself with a partner. "Justin’s Mercury is actually retrograde [in his birth chart], so his communication style isn’t quite like most other people's," Jakesastrology says.

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